What Is Our Mission?

The What And Why

Our Crafters are handpicked to make sure they share our core values, and combined, they’ve got over 35 years of experience in the industry. That means you can trust you’re in good hands. We’re called Crafters for a reason – we’re great at beauty care, but we also do a whole bunch of other services such as skin, nails, massages, pedicures, lashes, you name it!

We really focus on making sure our services are consistent, and we always take the time to chat with you to figure out exactly what you want. We know how important a good consultation is, so we don’t skip that step. In short, we’re all about being great at what we do!

We are committed to ensuring that all professional lines we carry continue to offer the latest and most proven trending products, focusing on performance and results. Additionally, we pledge to stay well-informed about our products to provide you with the best recommendations and guidance on their usage. This way, you can recreate that salon-fresh look in the comfort of your own home!